Other Great Services!


The Junk Food Party  


Cotton Candy, sno-kone, and popcorn with supplies for 50 servings for two hours. Delivery and setup included.*

The Mini-Party


An inflatable bouncer, a food machine with supplies for 25 people, and one game for two hours. Delivery and setup included.*

Fun, Food, and Games 


Three Games and two food machines with 50 servings. Delivery and setup included.*

The BigParty


An inflatable bouncer, two food machines, two games, and supplies for up to 50 servings. Delivery and setup included.*

TheMEGA Party


A large bouncer, cotton candy machines, sno-kone machines, popcorn machine, and three games for three full hours! Supplies for up to 100 servings! Great for events like Memorial day. Delivery and setup included.*

*First 5 Miles Free


Motivational Speaker
--Bureau on topics of Organization, Parenting,
-- Finding Time, and being good to yourself,
Wild Animal Show,

Petting Zoo.
Little Tykes,

​School Assemblies on Bully Proofing,
--Self-Esteem, Character Values,
--Stranger Danger, and Peer Aggression

Call for Info!


​Large Bouncer: $150 for 4 hours

Medium ​Obstacle Course: $275 

Jumbo Obstacle Course: $575

Single Slide: $225

Double Slide: $275

Under Sea Tunnel: $95/hr

On-Site Staff: $15/hr

Twister Inflatable: $150

Water Splash Slide: $395

Carnival Games: $40/day

3 games/$115

Joust: $325 for 4 hours

Sno-Kone, Cotton Candy, Popcorn Machines:

$45/day, 3 Machines for $125 

Syrup $9.50

Cotton Candy Mix $9.95

Storyteller: $55 for a hour

Spin Art Machine: $45/day,

Card Packages: $10/25

Paint: $2 each

Latex Balloons: 12/$12

Sky Dancers: $150 for 4 hours



Pop Tents Play,

Yard Signs,
​Duck Pond,

Roller Coaster,

Tables & Chair Rentals,

Magic Show
Crafts, and more!


We also have pre-teen and teen parties!

They include: Dance Revolutions, Karaoke, Gladiator, Joust, Slide, Games, Black Lights, Strobe Lights & more!

*Delivery Fees (In Miles)

0-5: ------------------------------------>Free

6-10: ----------------------------------->$10

11-15: ---------------------------------->$15

16-20: ---------------------------------->$20

21-25: ---------------------------------->$25

26-30: ---------------------------------->$30

31-40: ---------------------------------->$45

41-50: ---------------------------------->$60

51-60: ---------------------------------->$70

* From 100 W Ridge Ave, Sharpsville, PA 16150

Rock Wall,

Sumo Wrestlers,

Character visits,

Face Painting,



Party Rooms --- Private and non-Private,

Balloons, Balloon Animals and Balloon Bouquets,

Supplies for Popcorn, Cotton Candy, Sno-Kone,

Bubble, Fog & Disco Machines,